Our Services

“Leadership is born from the service of others.”

We offer Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning services. Through our established partner network, we are also able to provide institutional-level access to other services, such as global custody, lending, trading, and comprehensive trust services.

Technology supports all aspects of our firm and enhances the efficiency of certain functions we perform and services we provide, including research, financial planning, risk management, tax management, compliance, and reporting.

Portfolio Management


You are an essential part of our process. We question and listen. We collaborate to fully comprehend what you aim to achieve so that we are able to create tailored, impactful solutions.


Applying goals-driven asset allocation, we seek to align your goals with broadly defined asset classes (e.g., equities, fixed income, alternative investments, real estate, etc.) and industry sectors (e.g., consumer staples, energy, financials, healthcare, technology, etc.). We embrace behavioral economics for the simple reason that people are incapable of always behaving rationally or making economically rational decisions. We believe that behavioral economics is relevant with respect to asset allocation, industry sector, and investment/security selection.


With respect to equity portfolios, our preference is to actively select and own a handful of exceptional businesses (i.e. publicly traded shares in 15 to 45 companies) because we believe, over time, this approach is superior to passively and indiscriminately owning a broad basket/index of hundreds or thousands of businesses — most of which, by definition, are neither exceptional nor above average.

We favor businesses that are run by competent energetic leaders who not only think and act like owners, but are indeed owner-managers.

Our investment selection process incorporates fundamental research, security analysis, first principles, behavioral economics, and an understanding of macroeconomic factors. We also assist clients who desire to have their investments reflect their interpretation of environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) factors — a process we refer to as “Clean Conscience Portfolio Construction.”


In collaboration with other relevant professionals, we provide various advisory, due diligence, and valuation services with respect to private businesses, collectibles, real estate, and alternative investments (e.g., private equity funds, hedge funds, and venture capital funds).


We endeavor to identify certain corporate events (i.e., special situations) and long-term value investment opportunities that give rise to market dislocations, inefficiencies, or misperceptions. To these, we apply behavioral economics, critical thinking, and independent fundamental analysis. Our primary objectives are: (1) seek a margin of safety — i.e. avoid a permanent loss of capital; (2) preserve and grow purchasing power; and (3) cost and tax efficiency.


We manage a concentrated low-turnover portfolio, typically 15-20 investments, consisting primarily of equity and equity-related securities. While our opportunity set consists of all publicly traded investments, we favor companies run by exceptional owner-managers with defensible business models and durable competitive advantages.


Wealth Planning

We analyze your budget and cash flows, confirm your financial goals and objectives, assess your risks, and determine how best to achieve your goals and objectives over time.

We communicate with your CPA to maximize after-tax returns and coordinate the exchange of information to facilitate tax filings. We also communicate with your other investment managers, as necessary, to mitigate counterproductive activities, such as incurring unnecessary taxes or “wash sales” to raise cash.

As an independent client advocate, we collaborate with your attorney to ensure that wealth transition, structure, and succession plans are consistent with your wishes. We also help review estate planning documents, and work with external industry professionals as necessary and appropriate.

You and your family may wish to expand your legacy into other areas (e.g. philanthropic, educational, scientific), while remaining consistent with your family’s history, purpose, and values. Our holistic approach encourages the establishment, fulfillment, and preservation of such wishes.