“Principles are what allow you to live life consistent with your values. Principles connect your values to your actions.”
– Ray Dalio

We are a multi-family office. Our founding partners have been engaged advisors and responsible stewards of multi-generational assets for almost three decades. We serve ultra-high/high net worth families and individuals, charities, endowments, and foundations.

Our founding principles are integrity, intellectual curiosity, and work ethic – requisites for success in our business and in life.

Defining Characteristics


We endeavor to place your needs and interests, and those of our team, ahead of our own. Engaging you in our process empowers you to appreciate, understand, and fulfill your unique economic and family legacy duties, goals, and ambitions. Providing our team an engaging and rewarding environment promotes their involvement in and continuous refinement of our culture and process.


In our opinion, you deserve independent comprehensive financial advice and tailored long-term wealth management solutions from critical-thinking, accountable, and transparent advocates.


We are long-term value-oriented investors who seek to own exceptional and growing businesses at fair prices. Just as growth is an essential consideration of value, in our view so too is investment horizon an essential consideration of tax sensitivity.


Every client is unique. We believe that a portfolio should be consistent with, and tailored to reflect, a client’s unique circumstances, goals, preferences, and values. We seek to identify and create impactful solutions with our clients by applying goals-based asset allocation, tax-advantaged portfolio construction, and conscientious securities selection that takes into consideration environmental-social-governance or “ESG” factors.


We are entirely owned and operated by our founding family/partners. This structural independence affords us the ability to think and act critically, objectively, independently, and without conflict, for your benefit and that of our team.